Furnace Rollers

We can supply furnace rolls with outer diameters between 100 and 1000 mm and with a length of more than 6 metres. They are used, for example, as transport rollers for heat treatment furnaces, deflection rollers in continuous annealing lines, as zinc strip rollers or as ground shafts for brush rollers.

In order to keep energy losses to a minimum, uncooled rolls should be aimed for, but we also manufacture water-cooled furnace rolls for high-stress environments. To connect the wrought bearing pins to the centre section, conical or disc-shaped connecting elements are welded in from a certain size. These connecting elements have the additional task of insulating the pins from the temperatures in the combustion chamber and thus from the temperatures in the middle part of the roll. We manufacture the cones as static casting and as vertical centrifugal castings. Centrifugal castings ares naturally free of blowholes and is technically preferable. In less stressed environments, static casting is an economically viable alternative.

We calculate furnace rollers and advise you on the selection of the right materials.