The Company

CSG Edelstahl GmbH was founded in 1985 and is specialized in products for high-temperature processes in petrochemical plants, oil, gas, steel and heat treatment industries.

We sell ready-to-install products for process furnaces (steam crackers, reformers, refinery furnaces) as well as for industrial furnaces in the heat treatment and steel industry (roller hearth furnaces, continuous annealing furnaces, walking beam furnaces).

Our products are manufactured from heat-resistant materials by means of mould casting, centrifugal casting, investment casting or as sheet metal constructions, if necessary completed in the welding process and machined, tested and inspected according to customer specifications.

Our components must prove themselves in a wide range of applications, and the requirements are correspondingly diverse. Whether pressure-resistant, statically loaded or in corrosive environments – we help you to find the right material and optimal design for your component or product.